Wasteland Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4 for Minecraft

Wasteland Mod for Minecraft. In the year 1337, an apocalypse hit Minecraftia. The sky became dark, the grass died away, forest fires became rampant, and the rivers ran dry. The only ones left alive are the creatures of the night, and one human, trying to survive. That human is you!

This mod creates a world that is a huge or endless waste land there is dead weeds, fire and dirt everywhere. There are also dungeons with items in them. Basically this mod generates a fallout/wasteland/apocalypse themed map.

This mod includes:

  • No more grass.
    All of the grass blocks in the world are replaced with dirt, all the tall grass has turned into dead shrubs. Shrubs now also grow on dirt. Yes, this means no more passive mobs spawn. I’m looking into ways for you to get the passive mob loot. Maybe through dungeons?
  • Changes to trees.
    Trees have a much lower spawn rate. If a tree does spawn it is more likely to be a big tree then a little tree, and it will have no leaves at all(Unless its at an Oasis, see below). See how long your wood supplies last when you can’t grow trees.
  • No pumpkins, reeds, or flowers.
    Pretty self-explanatory. They don’t spawn anymore.
  • No oceans.
    No more giant oceans of water for unlimited water supplies. You can however get water from little springs (moving water).
  • Changed sky color.
    The sky is now a darker red-ish color.
  • New ruined houses
    Now there is a random chance of a ruined house spawning in the world. Think of it as a dungeon with less loot and no spawner. These are completely random and contain things to help you survive.


Wasteland Mod Installation

  1. Download and run the Minecraft Forge installer.
  2. Download the latest .zip/.jar file for the mod.
  3. Open Windows Explorer and type “%AppData%” in the text field above.
  4. Open the “.minecraft” folder and create a “mods” folder if it does not already exist.
  5. Put the mod .zip/.jar file into the mods folder.
  6. Start Minecraft up and choose the “Forge” profile.

Wasteland Mod Download Link

For MC 1.7.2 : Wasteland 1.7.2

For Mc 1.6.4 : WastelandMod_1.0.4.zip

Credit to MrSpring.


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