Warfield 3 Mod Minecraft 1.5.1

Warfield 3 Mod is extremely customizable and versatile. This awesome mod currently adds 5 new weapons, 4 guns and a knife. Make each weapon your own by adding various gun scopes, silerencers, barrels and much more.


  • LOT of ways to customize your gun!
  • You can scope with every weapon!
  • You can craft back the weapons so you get back the scopes, silencers etc.!
  • Different sounds (sounds change by using silencers)
  • Fireburst modes: Single Shot, 3 Burst and Auto Mode! (use key ‘V’ + ‘CTRL’)
  • Quick knifing! (watch video) (use key ‘F’ + ‘CTRL’)
  • Recoil (Reduce recoil by using Foregrip or Bipod)!
  • Multiplayer! (also bukkit)
  • Hitmarker!
  • Impact effects!
  • Bullet effects!
  • Bullet drop!
  • AT Weapons!
  • Shotguns!
  • AP Mines!
  • And more detailes!

Warfiled 3

How to Install

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Open that archive with an archiver.Recommend 7zip.
  3. Open your minecraft.jar in your .minecraft/bin directory with your chosen archiver (7zip)
  4. Copy all files from the downloaded forge package into the minecraft.jar
  5. Delete your META_INF in your minecraft.jar, if you’re running Windows or Linux. If you’re on a Mac, then go into the
  6. META_INF and delete only the files which begin with MOJANG! Leave the rest untouched.
  7. Close all open archiver windows and start your Minecraft client once. Forge needs to download some libraries and will set up the environment the first time.
  8. After it has been set up by Forge, close your Minecraft. It is now ready for Forge / FML mods (ModLoader mods, too)!
  9. Download the latest version of mods you want to have and copy the hole .zip files into your .minecraft/mods directory
  10. Done and Enjoy!

Download Link

For MC 1.5.1 : http://adf.ly/GPCkt


  • Fixed – hurt time resist if entity get shot
  • Removed – WFM249 (replaced -> M27 IAR)
  • Added – M27 IAR
  • Added – AEK-971
  • Added – SCAR-L
  • Added – M60E4
  • Added – PKP PECHENEG
  • Added – MP7

Credit to Stuuupiiid.


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