Vampire Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Vampire Mod for Minecraft. This mod adds several items and mobs into your game that somewhat involve vampires.

Mod Items:

  • Angel Blade: 16 heart of damage 3000 uses
  • Holly Cross: 10 hearts of damage 500 uses
  • Holy Steel: used to make the Angle Blade
  • Blood: restores 3 hunger, used to make Holy Steel and is droped by Vampires, also has a 20% chance to give you speed 3 for 2 minuts
  • Wings: used to craft the Angel Blade
  • Sliver: Dropped by Vampire Hunters and used to make the Silver Sword
  • Silver Sword: does the same damage as diamonds but only has 1000 uses
  • Heavens Key [W.I.P]: Right click to take yourself to Heaven, Can only be obtained by the creative inventory, also has custom render

Mod Mobs:

  • Vampire: 70 hearts does 25 hearts of damage if you aren’t wearing armor is faster than the player and drops Blood
  • Vampire Hunter: Has 20 Hearts, does 4 hearts of damage, hunts vampires and pigs, if attacked they will attack back and attacking one will agrow his near by friends!



  • Top Block: Snow Block, Filler Block: Cobble Stone, Mobs: Vampire Hunter



Vampire 1


Vampire Mod Installation

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Vampire Mod
  3. Drag and drop files from “Vampire Mod” into “Minecraft.jar”
  4. Delete META-INF file
  5. Close “Minecraft.jar” and run minecraft!

Download Link

For MC 1.4.7 :


  • Update to Minecraft 1.4.7.

Credits to Zr0Gravity.


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