Time Control Remote Mod Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7

Time Control Remote Mod : Fight Mobs in Slow-Motion. Time control, what could be more epic? This mod adds a craftable remote that, when used, makes time go either twice as fast or half as fast (slow motion!), and now also a quarter as fast, and FOUR TIMES as fast. Now with the Matrix remote, you can run circles around mobs, dodge arrows, and be the ninja that you knew you had in you! This affects mobs and the speed you walk and break blocks at and how fast the sun and moon go up and down. In fact, it literally affects everything that is time related in the game.

How to Use:

  • Once you have crafted it, you are ready to go! Simply right click to use it, and it will toggle between states. The states are normal, fast, and slow. Just keep clicking until you have the speed you want. Once it is at the speed you want you can do whatever you like, travel in fast forward, kill mobs in slow motion, or what ever you would like!
  • Now, in version 2, Added two new variants of the original remote! One is a standard remote surrounded in snow balls, which allows for EXTREME slow motion, literally twice as slow as the old one. And the other new one is a standard remote surround in sugar, which is EXTREME fast motion, literally twice as fast as the old one. This was requested by iPodMail, and I liked the idea.
  • New in version 3: Aadded the Matrix remote, the most requested addition to the mod. This new remote makes everything around you 10 times slower – but you stay the same walking speed! It is a costly upgrade to your Time Control Remote, but when you are literally dodging skeletons arrows midair, you will know it was worth it!

Time Control Remote






Time Control Remote Mod Installation

  1. Download Minecraft Forge or Modloader
  2. Download Time Control Remote Mod
  3. Delete META-INF
  4. Open the .zip/.rar/folder of your mod and drag and drop the contents into the minecraft.jar.
  5. Done and enjoy!

NOTE: You cannot install this mod by putting it in the mods folder or you will crash when you try to use the remote! You need to install it in the minecraft.jar instead.

This mod requires modloader and uses the item IDs 556, 558, 559, and 560. It is compatible with my rapid fire bow mod.

Download Link:

For MC 1.5.1: http://adf.ly/335743/time-control-remotes-151 – [Alternate]

For MC 1.4.7: http://adf.ly/HGcr1 (Mirror)


  • Update to Minecraft 1.5.1.

Credits and big thanks to dude0367.


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