Ships Mod 1.7.4/1.6.4 for Minecraft

Ships Mod for Minecraft. Ships Mod lets you build a ship out of blocks and sail it around the world!


  • Make a ship out of blocks
  • Launch it into the world for sailing
  • Dock the ship again to make changes to the blocks
  • Flotation based on physical simulations
  • Walk around on your ship
  • Place chests and crafting tables on your ships
  • Ships actually displace water (no more water in the bottom)
  • Tiny raft-type ship makes getting started on survival mode easier
  • Small-type ship uses sails and a helm
  • Based on Minecraft Forge
  • Support SP and MP support

For more information you can read HERE.

Ships Mod

Ships Mod 1.7.4/1.6.4 Installation

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Ships Mod
  3. There is a JAR file inside the ZIP file. Put the JAR file in your minecraft/mods folder.
  4. Done and Enjoy!

Ships Mod 1.7.4/1.6.4 Download Link

For MC 1.7.4 : Ships Mod 1.7.4

For MC 1.6.4 : Ships Mod 1.6.4

Credit to cuchaz.


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