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The Desktop Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Desktop Mod

The Desktop Mod it has its own custom model and GUI when the GUI is clicked, it will illegitimately take you to the website the GuiButton says on it Not much to explain really download it and try it yourself! Updates Small bug fixes Added installation and forge/modloader statement to keep down the questions -.- […]

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DragonBros Mod Minecraft 1.4.7


DragonBros Mod adds a few new mobs into the game, that being four “baby” Chinese dragons. You can feed all of them foods which will make them give off hearts, but that’s pretty much bout it. If you want to heal ‘em, you’ll have to use a splash healing potion. Their own biome! Aslophogis, Eurokryte […]

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Warrior Mod Pack Minecraft 1.4.7

Warrior Mod

Warrior Mod Pack for Minecraft. Now you can became a warrior using new swords, armor, shilds from weapon mod. You can ride on a horse or on an elephant from mo` creatures mod. You can explore new structure from better dungeones mod. You can do much more things, you must only play on Warrior Mod […]

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Decor Mods Minecraft 1.4.7

Decor Mod

Decor Mods for Minecraft. This mod currently adds many items like Light Shards – come from Light Ore; Full Light Tool Set – crafted like normal tool but light shards for top, and iron ingots for sticks; and Full Light Armor Set – crafted like normal armor. Blocks: Light Ore – common as coal Dead […]

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Too Many Soups Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Too Many Soups

Too Many Soups Mod for Minecraft. This mod adds in more craft able soups into the game! The creator currently working on more soups to add into this mod! Type of Soups: Cactus Soup Carrot Soup | Adds night vision effect Chicken Soup Nutritional Soup | Adds regeneration effect Pumpkin Soup How to Install Right […]

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Extra Ores and Tools Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Extra Ores and Tools

Extra Ores and Tools Mod enhances your mining and crafting experience add all sorts of new weapons tools and ores. Extra Ores and Tools: Emerald Tools, Weapons and, Block Obsidian Tools and Weapons Ruby Ore, Gem, Weapons, Tools, Armor, and Block Nickel Ore, Dust, and Block Steel and Stainless Steel Weapons, Tools and Block Copper […]

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CUBEX Texture Pack Minecraft 1.4.7


CUBEX Texture Pack for Minecraft. CUBEX is originall Texture Pack designed by Oyesfilm 2012. It is in classical resolution 16×16. New versioun of CUBEX with resolution 8×8 comming soon. HD Patch (mcpatcher) must be installed for better performance !! Info: Resolution: 16×16 Version: 1.42 Animated Textures: Yes CTM: Yes Custom Mobs: Yes Custom Colors: Yes […]

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