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CloackBoard with MineCapes Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

CloackBoard with MineCapes Mod

CloackBorad With MineCapes Compability ML-MP/SP-INSTANT with Minecraft Capes System. CloakBoard originally originated as the first Minecraft Based GUI application to allow capes to anyone in minecraft on the windows platform. This mod is made by Elycin, you can visit original post thread here for all info. CloackBoard with MineCapes Mod Installation The Zip file will […]

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DJ’s Expansive Weapons Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Expansive Weapons

DJ’s Expansive Weapons Mod for Minecraft. This mod adds 14 items/weapons to your minecraft. The Weapons included Claymore, GreatSword, LongSword, Butcher Knife, Small Knife, ShotSpear, Grand Mace, War Axe, War Hammer and Sword. Mobs Included: Traveler Items Included: (Used to craft assorted weapons) Steel Steel Rod Gold Rod- Dropped by Travelers Gold Blade DJ’s Expansive […]

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Luky’s RPG Texture Pack Minecraft 1.4.7


Luky’s RPG Texture Pack is 16×16 RPG Pack with beautiful bright biome colours that prevent depression while fighting dragons and evil wizards! The Texture Pack is very detailed and stunning in look, it is also themed to be an RPG styled texture. This pack is perfect for use with RPG mods and maps because it […]

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SplitCraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.4.7


SplitCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft. SplitCraft is a amazing 8×8 Texture Pack that isn’t Simple but Realistic in its own way. Thi texture pack made for people who like simple texture pack’s thought it’s not the simplist pack ever it has a good amount of texture in it. SplitCraft Texture Pack Installation Download the Texture […]

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AbyKraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.4.7/1.5

AbyKraft Pack

AbyKraft Texture Pack for Minecraft. With a mix of 16×16/32×32 textures, this texture pack is one of a kind. Based off of vanilla Minecraft textures, but enhanced for that extra oomph. For those who want a pack that’s semi-vanilla with a flare. This pack contains custom armors, as well, and is compatible with random mobs […]

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UrbanCraft Texture Pack Minecraft 1.4.7


UrbanCraft Texture Pack will make your normal worlds look weird. Very much so actually. But it will make the UCP buildings look awesome. Of course you can use this in creative mode to build epic modern stuff but always keep in mind that these buildings will not be compatible with other texture packs. Many things […]

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Hogwarts Texture Pack Minecraft 1.4.7


Hogwarts Texture Pack for Minecraft. Has the owl not yet delivered your Hogwarts invitation? Are you still waiting for Hagrid to appear with your birthday cake? Well, I cannot tell you why they find themselves delayed, but in the meantime, you can play Minecraft with this glorious Hogwarts texture pack! This texture pack 100% complete! […]

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