Myths and Monsters Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2 for Minecraft

Myths and Monsters Mod adds a ton of new items and weapons and a very nice amount of mobs too based on monsters from mythology. Monsters include Giant Trees, Giant Mountain Trolls, Golden Sheep and much more.

Items and Blocks:


  • [1] Cooked Jackalope Meat: Gained by cooking Jackalope meat and is a good food source.
  • [2] Raw Jackalope Meat: Dropped by both kinds of Jackalopes.
  • [3] Bowl of Fairy Dust: A filling, but not so good food source that heals you by 3 Hearts and gives you a few seconds of higher jumps and 5 seconds of weakness. However, falling will still hurt!
  • [4] Bad Apple: Not so good to eat, but if eaten will return you a tainted seed. There are two ways to safely do that. A rare drop from a Dendroid Elder.


  • [1] Dendroid Mask: Made from Dendroid Roots and, as wood, it isn’t too durable. Has the ‘Imperishability’ effect that will guard your life from most attacks unless you’re on fire or are drowning.
  • [2] Sand Scalemail: Body armour that complements the Tusk Lance by reducing the time required for the charge buff. Repairs with Scale Leather.
  • [3] Sand Tassets: Leg armour that complements the Tusk Lance by reducing the time required for a buff. Repairs with Scale Leather.
  • [4] Tusk Lance: Launches the player if (s)he stands on the ground and releases right-click after holding it down. Gives a strength and resistance boost when held down for long enough. Roughly as strong as a stone sword, but the strength boost makes up for it when done correctly. Not enchantable. Repairs with Wyrm Tusks.
  • [5] Golden Bow: The bow required to shoot golden arrows. The flight path is much straighter and does more damage than a regular bow. Isn’t repairable. Not enchantable.
  • [6] Golden Arrows: An arrow that negates the effects of Dendroid Elders. Also changes other some blocks around it (such as extinguishing all fires), but don’t expect it to be too cheap.
  • [7] Dendroid Chakram: A throwing hoop that will reverse direction after a while and bounce off surfaces and mobs.
  • [8] Bone Dagger: A weapon that is about as strong as wood and inflicts a “wither” effect. Not too durable either. However, you will find that multiple enchantments from low levels may make up for that damage and durability.
  • [9] Marrow Sword: Converts hunger into health if needed upon prolonged right click. If no hunger is available, durability is taken instead. Has the same durability and damage as the Bone Dagger, as well as enchantability.


  • [1] Gold Lyre: Currently only plays random notes, so it’s not so good for those who like real music. Future versions will make it have a special effect on mobs.


  • [1] Jackalope Fleece: Dropped by the Frost Jackalope.
  • [2] Jackalope Paw: Dropped by the normal Jackalope.
  • [3] Wolpertinger Antler: Dropped by the Wolpertinger.
  • [4] Jackalope Antler: Dropped by both types of Jackalope. More frequent in the frost species.
  • [5] Fairy dust: Acts as a bonemeal, dropped by Fairies. Can be used to turn dirt into grass.
  • [6] Dendroid Root: Dropped by the Dendroid Elders and sometimes Dendroids.
  • [7] Golden Fleece: Used to make Golden String and can be sheared from Golden Rams.
  • [8] Golden String: Used to make equipment and can be smelted down into gold nuggets.
  • [9] Hard Leather: Made from cooking leather and is used for some armour sets.
  • [10] Sand Scales: Scales obtained from a Sand Wyrm.
  • [11] Wyrm Tusk: Rarer drop from a Sand Wyrm.
  • [12] Scale Leather: Made from Sand Scales and Hard Leather for the SandScale armour set.
  • [13] Bright Stardust: Obtained by crafting a Bright Starcore.
  • [14] Void Stardust: Obtained by crafting a Void Starcore.
  • [15] Bright Starcore: Places a Bright Starcore.. Good as a ball or a nightvision buff, but explodes at day. Once placed, it cannot be reharvested.
  • [16] Void Starcore: Places a Void Starcore.. Bad as a ball and gives a blindness buff, exploding at day. Once placed, it cannot be reharvested.


  • [1,2,3]Fairy Jar: Places a Jar onto the ground. Ones with Fairies inside will emit light. It will also fall and is fragile, but it can be sent downstream to light caves up from above. Jar Blocks can be picked up via hand. Attempting to pick up a fairy in a jar from right clicking it may anger the fairy.
    While shift-clicking, it will release a fairy (if there’s one inside) but they are *not* tamed! Angry fairies will be set to attack you upon release, whether it is released via hand or the jar breaks.
  • [4] Tainted Seed: Used to plant Dendroid Saplings into mycelium. Obtained through the consumption of a Bad Apple.


  • [1] Fairy Mushroom: Currently unimplemented, but it will spawn in rings. Emits a low level of light.
  • [2] Dendroid Sapling: Currently has no function, but I wouldn’t leave them hanging around in your world when it comes.

Myths and Monsters

Myths and Monsters Mod Installation

  1. Download and install latest Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Mod files from link below
  3. Put the Myths and Monsters Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  4. Done and Enjoy your minecraft!

Myths and Monsters Mod Download Link

For MC 1.7.10 : Myths and Monsters Mod 1.7.0

For MC 1.7.2 : Myths and Monsters Mod 1.7.2

For MC 1.5.2 : ForgeMyths&

For MC 1.5.1 :

Credit to Uno165.


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