Monster Hunter Frontier Mod 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4

Monster Hunter Frontier Mod 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4. Monster Hunter Frontier Craft is a mod that adds a new dimension with some new blocks,items , weapons , ores, armors and most of all mobs that has different variations of attacks and uniqueness. This mod is inspired from a popular game of Capcom Monster Hunter Frontier. This can be played through Singleplayer and also Multiplayer.


In The Wyvernia there is a typically resistance on everyone it is far different than the Minecraft.

The Sword Damage Type :

  • Lethal : This are the main swords made with sharpness specifically LongSwords,Dual Swords and The Vanilla Swords .
  • Semi – Lethal : Weapons like GreatSword and Lance are bound to this class . They are sharp but not high as the Lethal. Since they are heavy they give a little fatigue to player
  • Siege : They are Hunting Horns and Hammer , and soon to be with Switch Axe , they are stun pounding and they give really deep exhaustion to player on attack . But deals massive damage.
  • Point : This is the upcoming ones for the types of Bowgun , Bows , and some Gunlance ,


As of Now There are 3 elements in the game the Poison , Lightning and Normal . They due specific motion

Monster Hunter Frontier Mod

Monster Hunter Frontier Mod 1.6.4 Installation

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Monster Hunter Frontier Mod 1.6.4
  3. Put downloaded zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create one
  4. Done and Enjoy!

Monster Hunter Frontier Mod 1.6.4 Download Link

For MC 1.6.4 :

Credit to Heltrato.


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