Minecraft Horizon Pack Mod Minecraft 1.6/1.5.2

Minecraft Horizon Pack Mod for Minecraft. You love Minecraft Vanilla but it just got old? You don’t want all kinds of crazy magic and machines but keep the original Minecraft spirit? Then Horizon is exactly the right pack for you. It focuses on making your Minecraft experience great, instead of turning it into a different game altogether.

At the same time it gives you the tools to build awesome adventure maps beyond your wildest dreams and with great ease. Prepare to make your future maps with Horizon and blow the minds of your fans with breath-taking adventure content that you can produce better and faster than ever before.

Main Features of the ModPack

  • make your own fully custom weapons, tools and armor (armor coming soon)
  • find new and awesome ores and materials
  • use many new crops for farming
  • fight against a wide range of new mobs that fit well into the MC world
  • endgame lets you explore a whole new dimension
  • comfortably store huge amounts of items
  • easily search for items and recipes
  • never loose your way since you now have a real map and waypoints
  • add furniture and comfort to your home
  • store your experience levels in special magical books
  • spend experience and rare magical rock to buy and use scrolls of magic that fit well into vanilla
  • be a miner on the move with tents, campfires and bags to carry your items
  • turn existing blocks into beautiful new versions that make building even more joyful
  • use slopes and steps with virtually any kind of block texture on them
  • explore a beautiful underground that looks the way minecraft caves should have looked from the start
  • change the look of your character and play as an elf, a dwarf or one of many more alternate characters using your own custom skin
  • use new moves as you sit, lay or dance in your world
  • Cut up blocks into tiny bits and make your very own block designs
  • create awesome servers with fully customizable NPCs, shops, mercenaries, guards and even mobs; there are also tons of weapons, clothes, armor and other items that you can assign your own crafting recipes to or that can be quest rewards
  • build your adventure maps even faster by editing the NBT data of villagers, players, other entities and even yourself ingame
  • remove recipes you do not want your users to have and they really disappear completely for your users without needing to change their client-side configs

Horizon Pack Mod

Minecraft Horizon Pack Mod 1.6/1.5.2 Installation

  1. First, you will need the latest version of the MultiMC launcher for Minecraft
  2. Having run MultiMC at least once, the folder you have chosen for it will contain a folder called “instances”.
  3. Open your “instances” folder of MultiMC and unpack the zip file and all of its contents into it. Please note that none of these installation steps or running of the game later on will make any changes or destroy any files of your usual Minecraft games.
  4. Launch MultiMC and double-click the new “Horizon Pack” icon to run your new Minecraft with “Horizon Pack” installed. It will now download all the extra files it needs, which will take considerable time depending on your internet connection, but this is only necessary the first time.
  5. Congratulations, you can now play Horizon in SSP and SMP.

Minecraft Horizon Pack Mod 1.6/1.5.2 Download Link

For MC 1.5.2 : mc_horizon_pack_2-1-2.zip


  • [2.1.2] Bugfix and Iron Chests re-added
  • fixed ID issue that blocked the item “Camper’s Helmet”
  • re-added Iron Chests mod (

Credit to CBBBen.


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