Minecraft 1.5.1 Jar Changelogs and Download

Mojang finally managed to located and fix the reported performance issues of 1.5, so now it should be at least similar to the performance of 1.4.7. We also fixed a number of bugs (as seen in the snapshot release last week), and a couple more. The 1.5.1 patch notes are a bit simplified, though…

Updates and Changelogs

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs
  • Improved performance
  • Notable: Falling blocks no longer glitch one step
  • Notable: White stitching between blocks should be less frequent
  • Notable: Crash on Mac OS X on “OpenGL Function Not Supported”
  • Notable: Unable to place paintings

Bugs Fixes

  • Bug fixes: [Collapse]
  • MC-7174 – OSX: Crash on startup (OpenGL “Function is not supported”)
  • MC-8824 – FPS Drop due to Smooth Lighting
  • MC-11654 – The text of things fall out of the picture
  • MC-11839 – Invalid potion effects crash the game.
  • MC-11894 – Crash with invalid wool values


How to Install

Step 1 : Go to the start menu (Windows 7/Vista)
Step 2 : Type run and click on the programe “run”
Step 3 : Type %appdata% in the search and press the enter key.
Step 4 : Click on minecraft.
Step 5 : Click on the bin folder and rename your minecraft jar to something else.
Step 6 : Extract the minecraft 1.5.1 jar into your bin and name it minecraft.
Step 7 : Thanks and enjoy Minecraft 1.5.1!

Download Link

Client: http://assets.minecraft.net/1_5_1/minecraft.jar

Server: http://assets.minecraft.net/1_5_1/minecraft_server.jar (or EXE)

Credits to The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams.


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