Herblore Mod Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2/1.5.1

Herblore Mod has been made to add to minecraft without outweighting the balance of the game, without giving ‘diamonds for dirt’. So you wont need to restart a new minecraft world to play you just install and starting toking. Single player adventurers who want to “spice” up their world!

Now toke is famous for its proven healing effects, so we decided to bring it to minecraft. To gain toke,you can find a Farmer Villager (brown robe), and trade with him, or find it randomly generated around the world! The farmers sell one toke for a price of 1-3 emeralds. When you get the toke, you can plant them just like sugar-cane and start your own toke farm, which will produce toke 100% of the time. To feel the healing effects of the herb, it must be smoked.

How do I smoke it?

  • To feel the benificial healing effects of the toke, you must smoke it.
  • You can smoke it in many ways.
  • Through a glass bong, pipes, joints, and now you can consume it through cookies and brownies!
  • Smoking it will heal your health strait up, but give you the munchies.
  • Consuming the cookies and brownies will refill your hunger bar!
  • Once you have obtained some toke, smelt it in the furnace to produce dried toke.
  • With the dried toke in your inventory, hold right click on the grinder item and it will slowly convert to treated toke.
  • Bongs heal a considerable amount of health and have 3 uses, but are annoying to craft since you need to be near a crafting table to pack it.
  • Pipes are a more efficient way to smoke it, you can first craft the pipes out of wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond.
  • The better the material you make it out of, the better healing you get.
  • Diamond pipes are very unique, they heal the same as gold pipes, but you can double pack them, making them have 2 uses!
  • The joint heals heaps! But uses alot of toke! When smoked it leaves you with a roach which can then be smoked in the bong or crafted into a new joint.


Herblore Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2/1.5.1 Installation


  1. Install the latest ModLoader.
  2. Drop the downloaded Herblore Mod.zip into /mods folder.


  1. Install the latest version of ModLoader and ModLoaderMP on the client.
  2. Drop the files from the client folder into the minecraft.jar.
  3. Install ModLoaderMP onto the server.
  4. Drop all the files from the server folder into the minecraft_server.jar

Herblore Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2/1.5.1 Download Link

For MC 1.6.2 : http://goo.gl/gHCng

For MC 1.5.2 : http://adf.ly/5AlpE

For MC 1.5.1 : http://www.mediafire.com/?yhm98lqusmhknd7
For MC 1.5 : http://www.mediafire.com/?26p9mgifbl5qrv9
For MC 1.4.7/1.4.6: http://adf.ly/5AlpE
For MC 1.4.5: http://www.mediafire.com/?6andi68v70qgt2x


  • v2.1b
  • Updated to MC 1.6.2.
  • Reduced item IDs.
  • Lots of internal code changes, getting ready for the new high system.

Credits and big thanks to celebmanley.


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