Factorization Mod Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

Factorization Mod adds many machines for processing ore and crafting. It also has a few other useful things. The latest update brings electric Charge.

First Tools and Machines

The Pocket Crafting Table

Did somebody order a 3×3 crafting grid to go? Craft directly from your inventory, at any time! Press ‘c’ to use. Of course, you’ll have to clear out that extra junk in your inventory before you can use it. But don’t worry; with this mod, that won’t be a problem for long! If you have NEI installed, you can use it while in other GUIs. If you press the ‘c’ key with the window open, it will drag and rotate the items around the perimeter. If you press the ‘b’ key, it will balance the item stacks. The ‘x’ key will try to clear the crafting area.

Pocket Crafting Table

The Almighty Barrel

Based on item-stockpiling technology discovered in the recently abandoned Fortress of Nod Semor, the barrel can store 64 stacks of a single item type. Never fill a chest with cobblestone again!


Right click a barrel with an item to drop it in; left-click to remove. Double-right clicking will dump all of the matching items in your inventory into a barrel, left-click will pull a stack out, and shift-left click will pull out a single item.

The Almighty Barrel Crafting

Is 64 stacks not nearly enough for your cobblegen? There’s an upgrade for that…

The Crafting Machines

The crafting automation tools found in certain other mods makes automatic crafting far too easy. This crafting system has two machines, the Maker and the Stamper. These machines need to be used with (for example!) RedPower’s tube system to make them actually be automatic.

Crafting Machines

Silver Ore

This mod adds silver ore. It can be found between y-level 7 and 55. It generates in fairly large blobs that are bigger than coal veins. However, it is somewhat rare. Only one silver ore vein can be found in a chunk, and most chunks don’t have one.

Silver Ore

The Slag Furnace

The slag furnace works similarly to the vanilla furnace, but has an extra output slot. It also uses twice the fuel. For most ores, it will produce an ingot with a low chance of making two instead of one, and also some stone. Silver ore will make silver ingots and lead ingots. Silver is used for mirrors, and lead is used for electrical wiring.

Slag Furnace

Diamond Shards

The recipe for Diamond Shards is very expensive and volatile. Diamond Shards can only be safely created in a Stamper. (You can make the Craft Packet directly from a crafting table.)

Diamond Shards

(This picture is old, it now gives 18 shards)

Electric Charge, Machines and Ore Processing

You can read the description and see the picture at HERE.

Wrath and Mecha-Armor

Read the description HERE.

Factorization Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2 Installation

This is a Minecraft Forge mod. It uses 3 block IDs, and a bunch of item IDs.

  1. Install Minecraft Forge by extracting the contents of the forge download into the Minecraft jar. Be sure to delete the META-INF/ folder (unless you are installing a server!). The version of Forge that I’m using is given by the download link. Anything newer will usually work, and sometimes older versions will work as well.
  2. Check that the forge install worked by running the client (or the server). Forge information should be on the title screen (or in the server’s logs). Exit minecraft.
  3. Put Factorization.jar into the mods folder.
  4. Optional: Install NEI by placing CodeChickenCore and NotEnoughItems into the coremods folder. This will let you use the Pocket Crafting Table and Bag of Holding from within other GUIs.

Factorization Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2 Download Link

For MC 1.6.2 : http://adf.ly/2137658/http://www.mediafire.com/?ply56ipk2rccxyx – [Alternate]

For MC 1.5.2 : http://adf.ly/2137658/http://www.mediafire.com/?0x3gc3kcl4rp4x2

For MC 1.4.7 : http://adf.ly/2137658

Mirror : http://adf.ly/2137658


  • Update to Minecraft 1.6.2

Credits to neptunepink.


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