Deep Space Texture Pack Minecraft 1.4.7

Deep Space Texture Pack offers suites of blocks that, when positioned together well, let builders create ships, space stations, colonies and other futuristic-themed builds.Currently being updated, this pack will soon feature many more innovative blocks to help create the most futuristic environment for builders.

Well guys want to download and install this awesome texture pack? Let’s see post below!

Deep Space Pack

How to Install


  1. Download the latest texture pack from the links above.
  2. Locate where you downloaded the texture pack ZIP file. Do not unzip the file.
  3. Open Minecraft and use your login
  4. Click on Mods and Texture Packs
  5. Click Open texture pack folder
  6. Move the texture pack zip into the texture pack folder that Minecraft opened for you.

Download Link

Credits to TheVoxelBox.


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