Crystal Gun Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Crystal Gun Mod adds a bunch of guns and turrets to Minecraft, but they are not normal guns, each one has a special ability and effect that makes this mod perfect for PvP and Adventure Maps.

To load your Crystal Gun you need crystals, and crystals are made by right clicking with certain items on a Core Extractor.

Core Extractor Recipes:

Crystal Gun Recipes:

  • Crystal Gun (charged) -> Crystal Gun (not charged)
  • Sand -> Sand Crystal
  • Coal or Blaze Powder -> Fire Crystal
  • Ice or Snow -> Ice Crystal
  • Water Bucket -> Water Crystal
  • Seeds -> Grass Crystal
  • Spider Eye or Rotten Flesh -> Poison Crystal
  • Feather -> Air Crystal
  • Apple -> Life Crystal
  • Cookie -> Healing Crystal

Crystal Gun

Brain Recipes:

  • Conductive Iron -> Iron Brain
  • Conductive Gold -> Gold Brain
  • Conductive Diamond -> Diamond Brain

Gem Recipes:

  • Water Shiny Crystal -> Saphire
  • Fire Shiny Crystal -> Ruby
  • Air Shiny Crystal -> Opal
  • Ice Shiny Crystal -> Aquamarine
  • Sand Shiny Crystal -> Topaz
  • Life Shiny Crystal -> Tourmaline
  • Grass Shiny Crystal -> Peridot
  • Poison Shiny Crystal -> Amethyst
  • Healing Shiny Crystal -> Spessartite Garnet

Crystal Gun Mod Installation

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Downlaod the mod files and place it in your mods/ folder
  3. Start minecraft, play and enjoy!

Download Link

For MC 1.4.7 :



  • Added Magical Conveyor
  • Added Magical Spring
  • Added tiers potions to Metal Pot with glowstone
  • Re-balanced negative effects on Metal Pots
  • Now you can exit the Iron Turret GUI with esc

Credits to torresmon235.


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