Castle Defenders Mod Minecraft 1.6/1.5.2/1.5.1

Castle Defenders Mod can makes a new game mode for minecraft and can adds 7 new mobs to the game minecraft that can help protect both you and your home from monsters. By using spawner blocks you can control where they spawn.

Mod Items


  • The Archer is stationary and will not move.
  • They shoot arrows. (obviously)
  • Will attack Monsters within range.
  • Ideal for putting on high places. (Like a wall or a small tower.)
  • Will not despawn.


  • Will move around.
  • The Knight have a good amount of health.
  • Knights attack Mosters on Sight.


  • The Merc no longer has a recipe, now you have to hire him in a mercenary post which can be found around the world
  • Will stand still on the Mercenary post until you hire him.
  • Give him a gold ingot and he will fight for you.
  • Right click to tell him to stay and wait.
  • They will not despawn if hired.
  • Attack monsters on sight.
  • Mercenarys have two textures. One when they are told to wait and one when they are following the player.

The Medallion

  • The Medallion is an item found inside enemy castles. Right now there only use is to make your defender NPC follow you. (Like animals following wheat)

Enemy Castles

  • Enemy castles is generated in the world. These castles contains chest where you can find varius items. They are however heavily defended. TNT is a good way of take them out.There are two castle types one with an extra tower.(Nothing special there yet)
  • In the middle of the castle there is an ememy knight spawner and the walls are filled with enemy archer spawners. The Enemy archerspawner looks like a dark cobblestone block. The knight spawner look like a red stick.

Castle Defenders

Castle Defenders Mod 1.6/1.5.2/1.5.1 Installation

  1. It is always good to backup minecraft before instaling a new mod.
  2. Install the latest Minecraft Forge.
  3. Move the “CastleDef” folder from the “CastleDefese.rar” to bin/mincraft.jar. Use Winrar to open minecraft.jar.
  4. Play

How to install SMP version

  1. Follow the instructions above.
  2. Install forge onto the mincraft_server.jar
  3. Move the “CastleDef” folder from the “CastleDefese.rar” to mincraft_jar.
  4. Run the server.

Note: Player who join the server need to have Castle Defenders installed on the client.
The minecraft.jar is located at C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoaming.minecraftbin

Castle Defenders Mod 1.6/1.5.2/1.5.1 Download Link

For MC 1.5.2/1.5.1 : – [Alternate]

How to change Block ID and Castle SpawnRate:

1. Go to .minecraftconfig
2. Find “Castle Defenders.cfg” and open it with notepad.
3.Edit the file. (Remeber: block IDs are from 1-255)
If you want more castles: Give it a lower number.
If you want fewer castles: Give it a higher number.

Block ID

This mod uses block id 234,236, 237,238, 239


  • v1.2
  • 3 new buildings, The merc base, the merc tent and the enemy camp.
  •   Removed the old merc base.
  • New ranged merc NPC.
  • Lowered the default spawnrating for buildings. (can be changed in config file)

Credits to Azurn.


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