Better Than Default Texture Pack Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7

Better Than Default Texture Pack upgrade for the 16×16 default texture pack of Minecraft is made for “keep Minecraft faithful” freaks or for people using hardware not powerful enough to handle complete HD packs. Using this upgrade doesn’t change the game’s overall feeling, but Minecraft looks better in several ways and some of the default textures will be more useful with “Better than Default”.

How does this upgrade work?

It’s technically a kind of texture pack, but it does not directly change any blocks, items or particles, so it’s more or less multi-version compatible and has not to be updated for every new block or item added to Minecraft. This pack mainly uses the “animate everything” and “extended Connected Textures” features of MCPatcher to change block and item textures and the Custom Colors mod to change hard-coded in-game colors.

What do I need to install?

Depends on how much features you wanna use. Even an unmodded, clean Minecraft installation allows you to enjoy several features included in “Better than Default”. For a full-featured “Better than Default” experience, you should always install the latest MCPatcher !


Better Than Default Pack

How to Install

  1. Download the LATEST MCPatcher HD
  2. Be sure to use a clean, unmodded Minecraft installation. First patch the game, then install any other mods !!!
  3. Copy the whole “Better than Default” zip-file to the texturepacks folder of Minecraft (do NOT un-zip the file !!!)
  4. Start the game, open “Texturepacks”, select “Better than Default”, click “Done” and enjoy!

Download Link

For MC 1.5.1 : – [Alternate]

For MC 1.4.7 :
Mirror :

Source :

New Features and Changes:

  • Converted the pack to the new Minecraft 1.5 texturepack format
  • Reduced the size of the moon by 25% to give it more realistic proportions
  • Clearly improved the firework particle colors to be more intense
  • Added a better texture for the Redstone Comparator
  • Tweaked the Redstone Repeater texture to fit with the Comparator
  • Added new Comparator and Repeater items, better fitting the block textures
  • Added new skins for Trapped Chests with better hidden differences to normal chests
  • Some improvements to the flowing lava animation (smoother, less stuttering than before)
  • Painting item upscaled to the same resolution as paintings
  • Some minor tweaks to the in-game font (M, N, W, X, Y)
  • Increased resolution of the “SIGN” text on sign items
  • Some minor changes to the inventory bar
  • Some minor improvements to the Dispenser/Dropper output textures
  • Revamped Brewing Stands (more intense colored blaze rod, bottles more detailed and with bubble animation)
  • Added better clock and compass textures, showing dial/needle in 16x resolution for smoother movement
  • Made diamond blocks, tools and gems more bluish to better fit the diamond ore and armor
  • Nerfed the color of gold blocks, tools, apples, melons, ingots and nuggets to be less pale
  • Added ultra-HD items for most 3D entities, giving them a better and more realistic appearance in inventories
  • (affects Minecart, Boat, Flower Pot, Hopper, Cauldron, Brewing Stand, Item Frame, Skull, Bed and Saddle items)
  • Added some color variety to lily pads, centered and tweaked lily pad item
  • Music disc “11” with a new appearance, better fitting the other discs (because you cannot play a broken disk)
  • Some tweaks to the colors of the other music discs
  • Revamped Splash Potion item, now with a more “explosive” appearance
  • Changed Bottle o’ Enchanting to look like a Splash Potion filled with Experience Orbs, also animated them
  • Some improvements to the Brewing Stand GUI
  • Revamped the Blaze skin and added fire animation to the head
  • Centered nearly 100 oddly placed items to give them a better appearance in inventory slots
  • Added a more colorful map item
  • Some improvements to Redstone Blocks and Redstone Wires
  • Added Connected Textures support for Redstone Lamps
  • Added Connected Textures support for bricks (horizontal), now showing corner bricks
  • Added Random Textures support for cobwebs (4 different textures)
  • Slightly reduced brightness of the glint animation of enchanted items/armor
  • Revamped iron/wooden door and trapdoor textures to better fit the appearance of iron/wood blocks
  • Changed iron/wooden door items to fit the new appearance of doors
  • Added better Detector Rail on/off state textures (now showing a small pressure plate)
  • Added Random Textures support for Nether Quartz Ore (8 different textures)
  • Added Minecraft Realm status icons, slightly tweaked colors
  • Altered the main menu background panorama to fit the packs current appearance

Credit to _zombiehunter.


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