A’therys Ascended Texture Pack Minecraft 1.5/1.4.7

A’therys Ascended Texture Pack for Minecraft. You have arrived at an auspicious time. For seven thousand years, gods have ruled the men of the Mortal Plane, an Age of Balance unchanging across the eons. But no more. As the Second Calling dawned, the gods were called from the plane, leaving humanity to its own devices.

Where in this strife will you stand? Close to the strongholds of the six nations, serving in military or economy? Perhaps a greater organization beckons to you, a guild of knowledge or shadow? Or will you forge your own path, as the Mortal Heroes once did, ignoring your fellow man and the few lingering gods in the world? These choices are but the beginning, Adventurer. Take up your mantle of sword or sorcery, sharp wit or strength immeasurable, and awaken from your slumber. A’therys awaits.

Ascended Texture Pack

How to Install

If you want to install and use HD Texture Packs properly (32×32 or higher) you will need to either patch your minecraft using MCPatcher HD or using OptiFine.

  1. Download Texture Pack files at link below!
  2. Download and Install MCPatcher HD or OptiFine
  3. Move the downloaded files into your minecraft texture packs folder
  4. For MCPatcher: Run the mcpatcher and proceed to click “patch”
  5. For OptiFine : Since this a 32×32 texture pack you will need to install OptiFine with Magic Launcher. If you have downloaded Magic Launcher and Optifine * Standard version, simply start Magic Launcher and click on “SETUP” there you will be able to click “ADD” to browse to the Optifine zip which you have downloaded before. If Optifine Standard is loaded into the list you can simply press OK and log into Minecraft via Magic Launcher.
  6. Run minecraft and enjoy!

Download Link

For MC 1.5 : http://adf.ly/KZaen

For MC 1.4.x :

x32 Version 1.4.7_V0.8b : http://adf.ly/IPEQs

x16 Version 1.4.7_V0.8b : http://adf.ly/IPGJb


  • All new and improved GUI (View latest replies for screenshots.)
  • Edited Gold and Leather armor’s slightly.
  • New GUI items for Gold armor.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements.

Credit to Atherys.


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